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"Looking to put the FUN back in FUNKY, the trio have created a throwback album that is danceable, boppy, and all around smile-inducing. Roller skate music and baby-making music all wrapped in one."


"Psychedelic and boogie-influenced love raps... reminiscent of the Dungeon Family’s experimental production style"


“In a world that’s gotten so serious, so racial, so political, so anxious, we feel people need a release,” Deacon told DX. “People just need to feel good, dance and laugh. We tapped into musical influences put into us by our parents, aunties, uncles, old cousins, etc. Psychedelic funk, soul and disco mixed up with some of our favorite early ’90s influences like 8Ball and MJG, Tela, Mr. Mike and OutKast.”




Deacon The Villain & Natti (both of CunninLynguists) have joined forces with long-time collaborator to form The Off Daze. Psychedelic funk, soul, disco & hip hop. Skate music. Feel-good music. They have honestly crafted an album that puts JOY back in to music. 


©2018 by The Off Daze